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Good air quality important for a healthy, comfy home

Most of us know our heating and cooling systems should be inspected annually. This is best done before the fall or winter rush.


Maintenance Tips for your Napoleon Fireplace

A handy resource for commonly asked questions, cleaning tips, and operation instructions.


Some jobs are best left to the experts

Would you want to install a substance in your heating and air conditioning system that is flammable and increases the risk of fire, explosion and environmental damage? If the answer is no, read this article.


Armstrong Air Handy Homeowner's Knowledge Center

Choosing a heating and cooling system is one the most important investments you can make in your home. Though a sudden breakdown may force you to make the decision quickly, it’s not a choice you want to take lightly because it impacts your comfort, safety and wallet.

Armstrong Air's website features a Knowledge Center area that will walk you through what to expect from various heating and cooling setups. It has a Repair or Replace questionaire to help you decide what to do, a glossary of commonly used terminology when talking about heating and cooling equipment, an energy calculator and even a place to sign up for a reminder on when to change your filter.

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